Coca-Cola Art: Jean-Pierre Muller

The Belgian Jean Pierre Muller has developed a process that tends to assume the relation to painting as well as integrating elements of contemporary culture that oppose it. His work, given rhythm by colour, is essentially urban.
Playing on cross-purposes, Muller endeavours to confuse visual, cultural and conceptual issues. Photography, drawing, silk screen, painting merge, gestural and mechanical interventions meet to offer a vision of the world with numerous readings, combining History of art and consumption subcultures.

Over the years, Mullers work has taken multiple forms: small intimate pictures or monumental paintings, volumes ("Mullairplanes" and "Mulldings", painted busts,...) or triptych fences, until integrating the surrounding space (the creation of a temple to the city for the exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Saragossa, the integration of paintings in Brussels nightscape for the "One night in Sagacity" event,...).

Collaborations and confrontations with other creators play a particular part in Mullers work's evolution. One thinks here for instance of the invitation made to ten visual artists to conceive a huge fresco for Algiers' Beaux-Arts, or the confrontation-exhibition with Czech painter Mirek Kaufman at the Belgian Cultural Centre in Prague, or the "Sunrise Surprise" event with New York jazz musician Anthony Coleman.