Adhemas (aka Ademilson Batista) is a 26-year-old graphic designer and illustrator based in São Paulo, Brazil, where he lives with his wife and two children. Adhemas discloses his Latin origin as most of his work has a warm, southern vibe. His designs are very colorful and the rounded and swirling lines express this feeling even more. There are no boundaries to his creativity - he's been working in the digital market for ten years, and also gathered extensive art direction experience from different Brazilian agencies. Adhemas' distinctive visual style has earned him multiple advertising awards, including two LIAA Gold Statuettes, a gold medal in El Ojo de la Íbero-Americana, the One Show Festival's Award of Merit, and the Flash Forward Award for his website work for Havaianas. In his spare time Adhemas is volunteering his skills to create posters for public campaigns and art projects.

Büro Destruct

With the aim to encourage and promote young artists, HGB Fideljus created the Destruct Agentur in 1992. Teaming up with art director Lopetz in 1994, the "art agency" changed into the graphic design bureau destruct or "Büro Destruct" (BD), as it is known today. The current team consists of 5 members: MBrunner, H1reber, Heiwid, Moritz and Lopetz.
The design work of BD consists largely of printed matter ranging from corporate identities, logotypes, ads, books, record-sleeves, cd-covers, posters and flyers...
A speciality of Büro Destruct is creating typefaces. Their first book offered a retrospective on the bureau's work from 1994 to 1999. The popular "Electronic Plastic" book in 2000 was followed in 2001 by the project: "Narita Inspected”, a roundup of contemporary graphic designers in Japan, researched and designed by BD. In 2002, Büro Destruct opened their design-shop called "Büro Discount" in Zurich.
In 2004, Büro Destruct released their second personal book with works from the last four years. Even though Büro Destruct often seems weird and precise enough to look Japanese, they're still located in Bern, the small and unsuspected capital of Switzerland.


Pixecute is the Jakarta-based design studio founded by Gigih Budi Abadi, one of the rising names of the local graphic scene. Pixecute works on various projects, ranging from brochure design to visual identities, from art exhibitions to packaging, from pixel-style images to interactive design. Personal projects such as the ‘Motion Cute” books and the award-winning “Kampong Kites” website, are dedicated to exploring visual expressions and to reflect the ebbs and flows of being creative. Gigih Abadi: “I do my best work when I have a free hand. I like to push the concept in a surprising way. For me, the content is as important as the image. My favorite pieces of art are those where the graphics tell a real story and make a meaningful statement.”

Armchair & Josh Boston

For the Coke Side of Life Remix posters, Armchair Media’s creative director Stefán Kjartansson has collaborated with a team of like-minded artists including Siggi Eggertsson, Paul Pope and Josh Boston.

Josh Boston was born on a farm in the middle part of the U.S. and grew up writing stories, sketching, playing video games, and winning chess tournaments. He also grew to be taller than anybody you know. He is one of those self-taught wunderkinds you hear of from time to time. No matter, he says that, “Books are pretty much like school anyway.” Of course, it does help a bit to have a great mentor and hangman, and Josh’s was Mike Cina of the art and design collective youworkforthem.

Mr. Boston currently lives in Southern California, and works for the Lambesis Agency, running between identity work and advertising. He also loves theology, waterslides, drawing letters, and filling canvases with pretty shapes.