Büro Destruct

With the aim to encourage and promote young artists, HGB Fideljus created the Destruct Agentur in 1992. Teaming up with art director Lopetz in 1994, the "art agency" changed into the graphic design bureau destruct or "Büro Destruct" (BD), as it is known today. The current team consists of 5 members: MBrunner, H1reber, Heiwid, Moritz and Lopetz.
The design work of BD consists largely of printed matter ranging from corporate identities, logotypes, ads, books, record-sleeves, cd-covers, posters and flyers...
A speciality of Büro Destruct is creating typefaces. Their first book offered a retrospective on the bureau's work from 1994 to 1999. The popular "Electronic Plastic" book in 2000 was followed in 2001 by the project: "Narita Inspected”, a roundup of contemporary graphic designers in Japan, researched and designed by BD. In 2002, Büro Destruct opened their design-shop called "Büro Discount" in Zurich.
In 2004, Büro Destruct released their second personal book with works from the last four years. Even though Büro Destruct often seems weird and precise enough to look Japanese, they're still located in Bern, the small and unsuspected capital of Switzerland.