DJ Spinbalon

DJ Spinbalon is the artist name of the multi-talented designer Yker Moreno Von Kockritz. With skills in illustration, animation and typography, Moreno likes to discover new graphic ways by mixing everything up. When he works on personal projects he lets himself be guided by random ideas: an old image he has seen in a magazine, a tag on a wall, a song that is playing on the radio, pictures of tattoos from the internet… He thinks it’s important to approach graphics and animation with a great sense of style, humor, creativity and authenticity.
Moreno feels inspired by popular culture like MTV, rock & “pop hop”, board art & street fashion… And of course by his other design buddies from his hometown Caracas. A lot of his artworks represent spontaneous and vivid scribbles and sincere sketches. Moreno approaches the world in a variety of ways and techniques – with a pen, paint, a scanner, programs as Photoshop and Illustrator. Some of his artworks look like colorful explosions of paint, other ones are complex and detailed black & white drawings. In recent years, Moreno has also become art director of Buck, the multi-award winning animation studio from Los Angeles.