Armchair & Josh Boston

For the Coke Side of Life Remix posters, Armchair Media’s creative director Stefán Kjartansson has collaborated with a team of like-minded artists including Siggi Eggertsson, Paul Pope and Josh Boston.

Josh Boston was born on a farm in the middle part of the U.S. and grew up writing stories, sketching, playing video games, and winning chess tournaments. He also grew to be taller than anybody you know. He is one of those self-taught wunderkinds you hear of from time to time. No matter, he says that, “Books are pretty much like school anyway.” Of course, it does help a bit to have a great mentor and hangman, and Josh’s was Mike Cina of the art and design collective youworkforthem.

Mr. Boston currently lives in Southern California, and works for the Lambesis Agency, running between identity work and advertising. He also loves theology, waterslides, drawing letters, and filling canvases with pretty shapes.